Sunday, January 03, 2010

A different vision of La France Profonde

(Photo courtesy of Nick Terrett)

For years, I have subscribed to a Google alert, in English, for the term France Profonde. Often references have popped up that I have meant to blog about, but time goes by and I don't get to them.

But when I read here that the Wellesley, Massachusetts library was hosting a photo exhibit called La France Profonde, I decided I would definitely do a post. I even contacted the exhibitor, Nick Terrett, who sent me a few photos and links to his work.

Nick focuses on the Limousin region, which includes the departments of Corrèze, Creuse and the Haute Vienne. I know Corrèze well, and it has always seemed a little less profonde to me, France-wise, than Aveyron.

But Creuse is likely a better example of "deep France" than my area. Ranked 99th out of 100 in department population -- only Lozère, which neighbors Aveyron, has fewer residents -- it is indeed a pretty isolated place, and about as profonde as France gets:

(Photo courtesy of Nick Terrett)

Actually, the above shot appears to be in Corrèze, but you get the idea!

The article about Nick's exhibit states that "No region more clearly exemplifies La France Profonde than the Limousin.... Perhaps so, perhaps not. However, my purpose here is not to try to establish just where is the deepest, darkest corner of France, but simply to share Nick's photos and give his exhibit a little publicity.

Nick's photos of La France Profonde will be on display at the Wellesley Free Library, 530 Washington Street, Wellesley (MA) from Monday January 4th 2010 until Sunday January 31st 2010 during normal library hours.

Since you may not be making the trip, you can of course view Nick's photo album entitled La France Profonde online.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Betty. He really does capture the magic that is France, n'est-ce pas?

Bonnee annee, et bonne sante.


tut-tut said...

Beautiful; do you know the movie Etre et Avoir? Isn't that filmed in the general vicinity?

btw, I used to live right next to Wellesley, in Natick.

Betty C. said...

Yes, I have seen that movie and we even have it on DVD. I believe it was filmed in the Cantal -- kind of halfway between my area and the photographer's area.

Funny that you lived up there! Blogs bring about strange coincidences (like the fact that when I met Loulou of chezloulou we found out we were from the same state and she was born where my dad was!)

claudine said...

Amazing photos, I sure wish I lived closer to Wellesley MA or even more so closer to you. I will dream tonight that I live in one of those photos.

bravo on day 3!

Tinsie said...

Fab photos!