Saturday, January 23, 2010

Amsterdam Three: Day Two

I'm finally back to my Amsterdam series, and only on Day Two of our trip! It's been a long time since I've put together multi-photo posts, and it takes a while. But here are a few selections from our second day.

We started off Sunday Dec. 27th with a beautiful but brisk walk to The Amsterdam Music Theater in hope of buying tickets for a ballet that evening. We were advised to come back and buy at the door before the show, as student prices are only ten euros under this system.

We didn't go for nothing, though, because it is an intriguing building both inside:

and outside:

(First three photos courtesy of Thierry Jouanneteau)

Our main sightseeing activity, that afternoon, was going to the Foam photo museum. Before visiting the exhibits, we warmed up with delicious and reasonably-priced soups and sandwiches in the restaurant café:

From what I gather, this photography museum shows temporary exhibits only, and the main one going on was photos by Alexander Rodchenko. It gave an intriguing look at life in the Soviet Union during the 20s and 30s.

The Foam museum is in a larg former home along the Keizersgracht, and we all enjoyed the archicture of the building as well as the exhibit and the atmosphere:

Dinner was Indonesian, although we didn't go in for a large, expensive meal. Caught in a rainstorm at about 5:30pm, we ran into this restaurant and were lucky enough to get in. I didn't write down what we ate, but we all had one-bowl dishes that look very much like the one in their Internet advertisement photo: a great deal at just under 10 euros per person.

There is actually more to tell about this day as it included an evening out...but I can save that for another NaBloPoMo post!


Laura in Paris said...

I have several posts about Amsterdam in my bloog. My daughter lived in Amsterdam for 2 years and I visited her very often. I was sad when she relocated somewhere else ...

Pierce said...

That is a nice piece of art with that man coming out of the floor. Great photos.

Betty C. said...

@Lauara -- How lucky that you got to know the city better! I bet you were sad when she relocated (to where?)

@It's funny because my husband, who plays the violin, ran into this huge coincidence, but it's not every day you find this sort of work pushing out of the ground!

tut-tut said...

Betty, This looks like it was a great trip indeed. Ingenious savings, too. Very clever you are.

Claudine said...

great pictures, I love the guy coming out of the ground. Keep the Amsterdam trip coming, I love seeing the pictures and reading all about it... 1 week to go!