Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let us out!

A few summer flowers being held prisoner in a tiny village in Aveyron.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The look of love

If you're wondering what I've been up to, suffice to say that I was involved in organizing a 50th wedding anniversary for my parents which was held last week.

I thought for this special occasion, I would share a family photo with you. I imagine you can pick out my parents. As for me, I'm in blue and my sister is next to me.

Finishing the planning for this event took up most of my first week here in the USA, and recovering took the beginning of the second week!

We had exactly 100 attendees at the party, which my sister and I hosted at my parents' home. The location was their choice and it was a great one because they have a lovely, shady back yard and the weather was out-and-out hot: nearly 90 degrees. (Yes, I'm speaking Fahrenheit again.)

I'm having a little trouble getting back into the blogging routine after a crazy end of my school year, the trip over, and this intense family experience. But not to worry -- I may be slowing down on writing my personal blogs this summer, but I'm not giving up.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My village seen through other -- known -- eyes

(Photo courtesy of Rares Serban of Rares Serban Photography)

Not many bloggers write about Aveyron, and certainly few, if any, have ever posted about my very own village of residence, Gages.

Personally, I avoid communicating about my home town, preferring to focus on Rodez, where I work, or other parts of the local countryside into which my husband forays for his job.

And, increasingly, I find myself wanting to share places beyond...

So imagine my surprise when a Google alert came along for a lovely post about Gages. And imagine my further surprise when I discovered, after a little digging around, that it was created by a colleague of mine!

Here's to you, Rares. I think you have a great eye and I loved the way you captured familiar views of my village. I hope you expand your blogging activity.

PS: Click here for a rundown on the summer status of my three blogs.