Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let us out!

A few summer flowers being held prisoner in a tiny village in Aveyron.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Flowers! Storming the gate!
What a pretty picture!

spacedlaw said...

Free the geranium!
Let them roam and bloom and terrorize innocent passers-by with their leaves!

A World in a PAN said...

Beautiful pink geraniums!

Marie Reed said...

You are a wonderful nut! I hope that the imprisoned flowers get bread and water:)

Betty C. said...

PAN -- I should have said geraniums but was a little unsure. I don't know a lot about plants!

Marie and Becky -- Thanks for your comments. I suppose the flowers could be on a hunger strike.

RennyBA said...

Wooow, I knew we where two of a kind in many ways (not only food and drinks, like champagne :lol: ). Geraniums is one of my faves too and we have a lot of them in flower boxes on the balcony at our vacation home.

Let them free :-)

eleonora said...

R comme Retour de ce superbe périple. Deux semaines de regards sur notre belle France. Un compagnon génial ( Nikon ) et des paysages qui ont été un régal pour les yeux. Entre la Drôme, le Lubéron, l’Ardèche et l’Auvergne que dire…Bonne cuisine et un accueil sympathique. On ne revient jamais vide de beaux sentiments. Merci de ton gentil commentaire durant mon absence, cela m’a fait chaud au cœur de les lire. A tout bientôt.

Madeleine said...

Hi, I am a French Blogger living in the US which after 3 children all living in the States has become my home.
Needless to say, there isn't a day that goes by where I am not homesick for my country and city Paris.
I am adding you to my blogroll so I can easily come and visit you.
Hope to see you there to.
A bientot

Tinsie said...


Jann said...

it is so like the French to have beauty all around them, even behind bars! I love this!