Friday, October 26, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Hospital

I usually post my occasional contributions to Sunday Scribblings over on my catch-all blog, And So Forth.

But I can really deal with this week's prompt, "hospital," only here at La France Profonde. Because I've already done it.

I know it may seem a little lame to write a Sunday Scribble consisting of little more than links to previous posts, but this is just the way it has to be on this subject.

So come with me to my corner of France and discover my definitive Rodez hospital series:

Good-bye, My Hospital

Combarel Hospital, the Old

Combarel Hospital, the Incongruous

Rodez Hospital, the New

(Click here to read more musings on the theme of "hospital.")


Lesley said...

Sometimes previously written blogs are too good to waste! I like learning about your life in France.

paisley said...

i totally agree with leslie,,, our best work is often buried before it has a time to really breathe... off i go to read....

Frances said...

Sometimes a previous post is just perfect - in this case several were just perfect.
What a fascinating blog.
I enjoyed my visit.
Thanks for stopping by mine.
Take care

GreenishLady said...

What a great series of posts. What's happening to the old hospital now that the new one is up and running?

tumblewords said...

Interesting transition from Olympia to France. I'll read through the links - thank you, in advance!

UL said...

I loved the way you presented these series, and with photographs you have posted, it's superb. Thanks for sharing.

Patois said...

If you hadn't linked to the previous posts, I'd never have seen the gorgeous photos or felt the history of "hospital" in your life.