Sunday, October 07, 2007

I was there! (I mean in Rodez, not in Cardiff...)

Due to an unlikely chain of daughter-transportation-related events, mon mari and I ended up watching last night's France-New Zealand rugby match on a big screen set up on the Rodez Place de la Mairie.

Not exactly our Saturday evening outing of choice -- but the game got to be so exciting, we just had to stay on till the bitter end.

And what an end it was! Allez les bleus!


Anonymous said...

Incredible but we have won!
EGC Alumnis that are in New Zealand could be proud now... Place de la Mairie should be a great amtmosphere... Enjoy

katiez said...

I am clueless about rugby - but I understand being caught up in the moment! Football (soccor) I at least understand..

Paul said...

England v France next Saturday, Betty! What could be more exciting than that?

Betty C. said...

Yes, that will be pretty darn exciting. Is this Paul from Tunbridge Wells? I just stopped by your blog the other day, wondering what you were up to...there doesn't seem to be a lot of news on it, though!

I'll stop by and leave a gloating comment if France wins, of course!

Betty C. said...

And I quite prefer rugby to soccer, BTW. Must be leftover reflexes from my days as an American football fan. My husband was quite alarmed to see me screaming for the French team in front of "le tout Rodez."

Bolder said...

I have to agree that something about the atmosphere of a rugby game resembles that of an American football game. You should have seen me at the USA vs. S. Africa game... you'd have thought I was a die hard fan or something :) But it was a blast!

Paul said...

No, I'm not going to say anything. Nope. No comment.
Paul from Tunbridge Wells