Saturday, June 17, 2006

Restaurants in Aveyron: Goûts et Couleurs

You may be wondering what this obviously culinary post is doing on La France Profonde? Shouldn't I have placed it in Cuisine Quotidienne? I decided not to because there is nothing quotidian about a meal at Goûts et Couleurs , the only restaurant in Rodez that boasts a Michelin star. If you ever come to Aveyron, I do recommend a magical meal at this quiet establishment. For 32 euros, you can order the "Menu Maison" and savor a feast for the eyes and the palate that you may never forget. Here is what I enjoyed last week:

Le gâteau de hareng marinés, fenouil et poivrons,
Raisins secs, pomme verte et radis:
La "ventrèche" de thon au bouillon d'algues et citron vert,
Feuilles de chou au gingembre et champignons crus:

Tome de brebis, Chapelure romarin/genièvre et gelée de framboises :

Salade d'oranges à l'huile d'olive, chocolat blanc à la fleur d'oranger,sorbet citron poivre vert:

I'm not going to attempt to translate the menu items, but I can refer you to a review by fellow Internaut who did a write-up of the restaurant and provided English translations for the dishes he tasted.
Aveyron has three one-star restaurants and one three-star restaurant. I have been to all of them, and hope to get back to them now that I am blogging so that I can share the experience with my readers!


Piperita said...

My in-laws live in Aveyron (near St. Afrique), but I never been to Rodez. Next time we come I will sure pay a visit to this restaurant.
Thanks for sharing!

Steve said...

I'm having trouble loading the larger images. I think there are two problems: 1) the file names for (some of) the larger images appear to have been truncated/incomplete, and 2) the "international" characters are not being encoded correctly. (I am seeing question marks in the URLs for the larger images where one would expect an encoded HTML entity for a letter with an accent.) This does not appear to be a browser-specific issue -- at least not completely. Hope that helps....

Jérémy said...

Have you ever been to restaurant "La Renardiere" ? It's a very great restaurant with a great area and good food for a low price.

If you have never been there, you'll should have :)


Jérémy said...

Have you ever been to restaurant "La Renardiere " ?

It's a very great place, with very good food for a low price.

You should go there if you don't


PS : sorry for my bad english ;)

steve said...

Looks like the images are all working now!

steve said...

Question: This looks like a very nice restaurant. How did you approach photographing their dishes? Did you:

(a) Do it while they weren't looking?

(b) Ask them if they'd mind you photographing their entrees?

(c) Focus-n-shoot with abandon?

It doesn't look like you had to use a flash, which definitely aids in the discretion department. But I'm just curious how you approached this.

Pardon My French said...

Looks great! I drove past your neck of the woods on the way to the wedding and thought of you as we drove over the famous bridge. (By the way, I'm having a little trouble sending comments. I apologize if you get this several times!)

bcinfrance said...

To answer Steve, taking photos in restaurants in France is not that frequent -- unlike in the USA where people often take photos of the group they're with. I basically took the shots when they weren't looking, but would have been ready to explain had they seen me doing it. Not that it's forbidden!

Ken Broadhurst said...

When I go to restaurants in France with American friends, frequently there is somebody taking pictures of the food. We've never had a problem. In smaller restaurants in small towns, the waiter or waitress will often offer to take a picture of the group with somebody's camera.