Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Learn about Languedoc

One of the interesting aspects of living in Aveyron is the department's great geographical diversity. It is part of the Midi-Pyrenées administrative region, but only the western part of the department really has the feel of that area. Just north, we have the cold and mountainous Cantal department, which is part of the Auvergne. And the south of the department turns to Montpellier and the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

I used to feel a stronger link to Toulouse, where my husband did his studies, but lately I have been going to Montpellier more often and have become quite a fan of the Languedoc. If you are interested in this region, I can recommend a great site that will give you all the information you need. The Languedoc Page is bursting with tips, links, and just about everything you need to know about this small but fascinating region of Southern France. Enjoy!


Pardon My French said...

My husband's family is from that region so I know a little bit about it. I love the pink flamingos and Camargue horses, not to mention the food. I'm more of a mountain person than a sea person, but it's a nice vacation spot for sure! I've been to the Pont du Gard twice and I'd love to go back and swim in the river. And I'm very envious of the constant band of sunny, warm weather that seems to hover around Montpelier as the rest of France is covered in clouds.

peter said...

Merci !

A very perceptive article ?