Saturday, June 03, 2006

Family Ciné, what will become of you? Fauré Carrelages, what became of you?

Plans are afoot for a major multiplex cinema in Rodez, which will no doubt be a great attraction for the town's growing student population. I can't help but wonder, though, about the fate of our three existing cinemas, especially "Le Family", the only movie theater right in the town center.

A quick look on the Internet gave me no information about the history of this theater, so it's a subject I'll have to look into in the city archives. I imagine it was built over fifty years ago, so the half English name is rather surprising. Using English every which way in shop and business names is quite the fashion in France these days, but I don't think it was then.

Part of the building is covered with exquisite mosaic work, and the artisans left their signature:

Ever interested in French businesses of the past, I took a look around the Internet for anything written about the Toulouse "Fauré Carrelages" (tileworks) company. No sign. Another French company of another era, long gone and forgotten.


Hélène said...

Merci pour ton gentil message, j'espère que tu aimes The way of life in France. A bientôt sur les blofs.

Annie said...

Perhaps this cinema will find a niche in the town without disturbing the other theatres. I hope that wil be the case.

Léons Life said...

Sadly these typr of places go down the drain when the complexes come into town, dommage !

Lady Iphigenia said...

Hello, it's my first time visiting your blog and I will probably come back!

I grew up in Castres (Tarn) and I had a very good friend of mine living in Rodez (she must still live there, but we have lost contact). I was nicely surprised when I first visited Rodez (many years ago): the landscape change from the Tarn to Aveyron, the architecture... et les toits d'ardoises!

LaNika said...

please.. if u can, go to CARCASSONE it's a nice place near toulouse..! i can cry!