Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

I can't quite remember the exact chain of events, but somehow my post about love letters on And So Forth turned into a request to Randal, from me, for a poem...

Le voilà (the link is mine):

Thither and yon through electrons we roam,
exchanging words in the shortest of lines,
you in a land flush with the richest vines
and I in a place that you once called home.

This strained verse is but a miniature tome
painting impressions in vain; all these signs
of the passage of time, kneel at the shrines
of the new; no lost letters on the foam.

A gentle request made; but what to say?
That I
purloined a photograph one day?
Nay, a thing as eternal as the sea,

a feeling stronger than the swords of old,
more valuable than the king's store of gold;
the fortune to call someone mon amie.

A moment of sheer blogosphere magic, don't you agree?


Randal Graves said...

If no one else agrees, at least we do. Merci, mon amie. :)

tut-tut said...

Hey, loverly . . .

Cécy said...

Little game (there are always some on the blog world); I nominated you on my 10 favorite blogs.
Thankfully, you read French ;)

Betty C. said...

Oh thank you! A lot of nice things have been happening to me lately in the blogosphere -- it helps chase the (finally almost over) February blues!

Rosie said...

well here is something else betty:
I am sorry but I have tagged you for a meme to make up 7 weird and wonderful facts about yourself...again maybe? I hope not

meggie said...

This was delightful. I will have to return for the meme!