Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Curious Christmas Coming

The world from my window this evening

'Tis the season -- and a lot of comments are floating around about being in a Christmas panic.

It's interesting for me to note how I have simplified Christmas over the years. Of course, when the girls were little it was necessarily something of a production. I was working a lot less too, and usually had at least their full two weeks of vacances scolaires off -- and sometimes even more.

Now that I work more, and in fact have a full-time contract, I have more constraints. This year, for example, I have class until the evening of December 23rd. I was feeling sorry for myself about this fact until I thought about all of the people who must work on the 24th and, of course, on the 25th.

This year our family celebration will be very simple: our traditional meal of boudin blanc -- nothing could be easier to cook -- and just a few presents.

Early Christmas Day, I will be coming into a new (for me) form of contact with some of those "people who work on the 25th" because we will be flying away on a short trip very early on Christmas morning.

The destination is a secret for now as it is part of the girls' Christmas gift -- not that they are avid readers of my blog!

I think it will be most interesting to be travelling on Christmas-- one of those things one should maybe do once in a lifetime.

Have you ever travelled on Christmas Day -- plane, trains, hotels, the whole bit?


Alison said...

I have driven on Christmas Day -- in fact, I'm doing it again this year. We know that IHOP stays open, so that is probably where we will stop for a meal. But I haven't flown or anything.

Can't wait to see where you are going!

spacedlaw said...

Christmas day should be somewhat calmer than Christmas Eve travel which must be sheer madness.
I will travel to the other side of Italy on Christmas day (Cesare is doing the driving) and back the same day, which is another sort of madness.
Provided the road is not locked in snow.
Enjoy your trip|
PS: I am most jealous on account of the boudin blanc.

The Pliers said...

Well, congratulations on having staved off any form of Christmas panic and having simplified things over the years! That is wonderful and must make you thoroughly good company from Thanksgiving (I realize that you are in France and not on the Thanksgiving-to-New Year's cultural cycle) until January 2nd!

I have actually flown on Christmas day and I recall its having been quiet, although for the life of me I couldn't tell you where I went.

I hope that you have a lovely family trip/gift come Christmas morning!

Randal Graves said...

Now that's a lovely shot. The only traveling we've done is via car, no more than 30-40 minutes away, so that really doesn't count.

Dedene said...

Sounds like Christmas eve will be very nice.
How exciting to take a trip on Christmas.
I've never travelled on Christmas day but I did once fly from LA to Paris on NY's Eve! Free champagne for the very small group of passangers.
Have fun!

Chez Loulou said...

Boudin blanc sounds like the perfect Christmas-y main course!
Hope you and the family enjoy your Christmas trip. I'm sure everyone will have a wonderful time.
I've traveled in the States on Thanksgiving day and found it very mellow and easy. Maybe you'll find the same thing here in France on Christmas day>

Nadege said...

I haven't flown on Christmas day, just Christmas Eve (Hawaii) but have many times on New-Year's day.
Have a wonderful time! I hope you are going where it is warm. It's been raining in LA since yesterday and probably until monday. We need the rain so no complaining here.

ditdit said...

We once flew to the USA on the 23rd, but because of delays ended up actually getting on the plane on the 24th. But never right on the 25th. Back in Hawaii, I always used to volunteer to work in the hospital on the 25th so that I could have New Year's off. It was a fun ambiance with the co-workers that were on-duty that day.

katiez said...

in 1999 we met family in Barcelona for a week - we drove from Andorra to Barcelona on Christmas day and it was just eerie - no one anywhere. And in Barcelona, on the normally packed Ramblas, I was the only person! It felt like a bad Sci-Fi movie LOL
Hope your plans don't invlove any of the snow-bound airports!

Betty C. said...

Thanks for all the stories and comments. I will tell you what the trip is like! Normally the weather looks good for both airports and areas involved, and we have full insurance for the trip just in case!