Saturday, December 11, 2010

Five Random France Profonde Photos

(Rodez by night; driving down la rue St. Cyrice)

La France Profonde has represented two main endeavors for me: writing and taking photos. Both have waned lately, partly because the number of photos that have piled up in my France Profonde file has become overwhelming.

I do have a Flickr account where some of my photos go, but have never kept up with that faithfully.

As I revive this blog, I hope to get back to posting more photos, perhaps in a random way like today.
(Escargot -- Photo courtesy of Thierry Jouanneteau)

My husband is a crack photographer, and should be getting even crackier given the number of cameras and pieces of photo equipment he has been buying lately. The above photo, besides the nice snail lines, gives a fuzzy view of our deck and front yard.

(La Foire Expo de Rodez, September 2009)

It seems like every weekend there is something going on in Rodez, and unfortunately we don't get to that many of the events. Last year we did go to the major "Foire Expo" -- a big event that is only held every 10 years or some such.

I didn't realize it at the time, but it was the last event we went to on the Place du Foirail, which is now being transformed in order to make room for le Musée Soulages and other attractions. I wish I had taken photos of the destruction of the old exhibition halls, but Thierry and I have vowed to bring you some pics of the ongoing construction of the museum, which is scheduled to open in 2013.

(Irises in our front yard)

I tend to blog about Rodez because that is where I work, and I hold an enduring fascination for the city. But we don't live in Rodez; we live in a bedroom community called Gages. I never have much to say about it because since our daughters left the local primary schools, we don't feel that connected to the community, and it is not the most scenic village in the area.

That said, I spend most of my weekends at home, and it is nice to get away from "the city."

(A random blog award)

I truly did choose these photos in a random fashion, by flipping around my photo files with my eyes closed. This blog award picture came up, and reminded me of the days when I actually got behind in responding to blog awards, memes and so forth.

Remember being "tagged" for memes? Does that still take place in the blogosphere?

Those were fun times, but I don't really want to get into those activities anymore. Just this space, a few faithful friends and readers to comment on and comment to, one post a week...that seems like plenty for me for now.

Bon dimanche!


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen memes for awhile in bloggerland. All the better, they were getting out of control.
Love the pictures, esp., monsieur Escargot.
Have a good week.

Nadege said...

I am happy with a picture once a week or twice a month. You don't have to write a novel everyday.
But, still, it would be nice to see you back blogging again.

Betty C. said...

@Nadege -- I AM blogging again. At least one post a week to La France Profonde -- I promise. I was starting to miss it, but needed a break.

RennyBA's Terella said...

Great photo collection and it was taking me down the memory lane from our trip through this charming and wonderful country last summer!

Btw: Thanks for the visit and nice compliments on my blog!
To you question about being a social media slump: I have replied on your comment :-)

happy Week ahead!

Sara Louise said...

The escargot photo is brilliant! He's so cute I almost feel bad eating the little suckers (almost).

Linda said...

I have a photo of a big snail on a window too. I haven't lost my love of blogging yet. I wonder what will be next in the Internet world? I'm still amazed at all of the new things-facebook and twitter being new to me.

Emm said...

L'escargot--at first, it looked like a GIGANTIC escargot, possibly descended from a spaceship: "The Escargot That Ate France."

Even on a window, it's pretty impressive.

Betty C. said...

@Linda -- I have found getting these few comments immensely satisfying, much more than checking up on Facebook and Twitter.So I think I may be back for a while.

@Emm -- Good point! I hadn't realized how huge it looked.