Thursday, December 23, 2010

On. Vacation. Happy. Holidays.

Rodez's little Champs-Elysées, decked out for Christmas 2007


I know many people work through the 24th of December, and even on the 25th.

But as a teacher, I have been sorely spoiled -- and working until 6pm this evening has made things seem, somehow, un-Christmasy to me.

I'm sure that will change tomorrow as I rush into gear to prepare a Christmas Eve meal...or as all four of us leave in a panic to approach an airport in a warmer climate.

One thing is sure: our Christmas will be atypical.

We are flying off on Christmas morning for a surprise European destination; the trip is the girls' -- and the family's -- main Christmas present.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate. For the moment, things are looking quite good, even if Aveyron is under an "alerte orange" for snow tomorrow.

To be continued, after the facts.


Emm said...

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful trip.

ditdit said...

Merry Christmas! Have a great trip!

The Pliers said...

Bon Voyage, Betty! I can't wait to hear what the destination was after all and how the trip played out. You were brave to take to the road and it should be a memorable Christmas no matter how you look at it!

katiez said...

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful, warm holiday!