Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Happy Ending

About a year ago, I was wondering what would become of the historic "Family" cinema in downtown Rodez once the new multiplex cinema project was underway.

The bad news is that the "Family" closed down at the end of April, leaving Rodez with only two movie theaters and fewer choices -- for the moment.

But the very good news is that the cinema's premises are being taken over by La Maison du Livre, a highly popular local bookstore that is sorely lacking in browsing space.

I'm pleased that the site is trading reels for reads, and that the cinema will not be transformed into some new brand-name clothes emporium. Consider it another point scored for culture in Rodez.

And speaking of cinema, if any of you have seen Les Chansons d'Amour, hop over to my post about it on And So Forth and tell me what you thought about the flick.


Tinsie said...

Two cinemas and a large bookshop sounds like a good deal to me :-)

Much better than two cinemas and a department store for sure!

Jann said...

I really enjoy browsing around in bookstores~this is an added plus to the town. Hope you get to visit often!

Siouxfire said...

It would be wonderful if they maintained a part of the space to have occasional screenings or at least keep some of the cinematic features.

The idea of a cinema and bookshop melding together--what a wonderful concept.

Betty C. said...

Siouxfire, that would be a good idea...but I think for now, it's a bigger, nicer bookstore we're getting and that's good news too.