Sunday, June 24, 2007

Celebration in Solitude

On the evening of La fête de la musique in Rodez, crowds mill about all over the town.

I love the festive atmosphere, but it's the solitude of this soloist's celebration that catches my eye the most.


Jann said...

Oh, this looks so lovely~I wish to be there also! I do hope you enjoyed the evening~

Betty C. said...

This photo was taken at the foot of the buttress area of the Rodez cathedral.

It was a great evening, Jann. So many people yet everybody so mellow and well-behaved! The fête de la musique truly crosses all age groups, which is another positive point.

spacedlaw said...

Very nice picture, a special moment well captured.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful summer solstice picture - the atmosphere and lightening is captured so well.

Yesterday we had winter solstice (thanks for your visit!), so now its just 6 month left to this one :-)

You asked for Summer Solsltice in Norway - here you are!

Betty C. said...

Renny -- How silly that I thought of the feux de St.Jean, which I never go to, and forgot that I had just made a reference to my favorite blog post, which was photographed on the day of the summer solstice! Glad someone is more heads up than I am!