Monday, April 09, 2007

La Peyrecout: Chez Nathalie et David (Comments Enabled)

Before telling you more about our stay in the Tarn, I definitely want to mention that the whole idea of the weekend there stemmed from the kind hospitality of Nathalie and David Bolton, owners of La Peyrecout gîtes, located near Cordes. I met them through their new Internet site project, FrenchEntré Tarn & Aveyron, which syndicates some of my posts from La France Profonde.

Nathalie and David were kind enough to invite us to stay in their beautifully restored La Grange gîte, which I highly recommend for a weekend getaway -- or more. We only stayed two nights but it was such a relaxing break that it seemed like a week!

(PS: I originally posted this a few days back and just noticed that once again, comments were not enabled on the post. This is a new problem I've had two or three times now with Blogger. Any suggestions, other than of course checking that the comment link comes up on every post? )


Anonymous said...

hello , i discovered your blog very surpried , a neighbouring in le "Rouergue" and in "Albigeois".
Good blog !
Cestayrols old bastide , in spite of the time and the destruction , she keeps all her porwerful and same high "maison-rempart".
For the warm , i don't know it .
But the cuntry where she is , the Viaur has many countries very various .
I understand that you were same american to love France , if you want come in my blog

LE Grand Albigeois : petites terres Occitanes , mais au grand nom .

Thanks to you American forcontinued to love France .
The crisis is hard in France . MAny thanks.

Betty C. said...

Anonymous -- I wish you would write in French because it sounds like you used an automatic translator and what you said isn't too clear!

I did look at your site and you have a good idea. There's so much to write about -- and photograph -- in the Tarn!

Good luck on your blog.

Adhémar said...

excuse to my writing .
I correct some words:"I understand that you were same american to love France , if you want come in my blog"==>"I have understand that you were some American in this blog to love France , so if you want come in my blog"

the anomymous is Adhémar or if you call me : Intendant d'Albi , to more do mean my passion for ALbi .

See you soon