Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cordes sur Ciel 1 -- Bits of Blue in lieu of Blue Sky

Cordes sur Ciel is one of the jewels of Tarn tourism. It's easy to see why when the sun is out, and the village looks like this or this. But we visited it on a grayish and windy day, and the view of the village was a little more like this -- which definitely changed the village's atmosphere, and explains why we didn't bother to stop at the viewpoint to take the "typical" photo of Cordes.

The lower village, with its grocery stores and bakeries, was bustling. But we were there on a Monday - -when smaller shops are closed -- and just barely at the start of tourist season to boot. Factor in the blustery weather, and the upper village was practically deserted.

Frankly, I liked it that way. It was pleasant not to be distracted by the many shops and the multi-lingual throng of tourists which swarms into the village during the peak season.

We were able to focus on details...

...and appreciate the colorful decorations on the homes and other buildings, because our sky was definitely lacking in blue on the morning we visited "Cordes sur Ciel...Gris."


Pam said...

Beautiful photos, Betty! And I agree with you about the tourist season...that can really impact the feel of a village.

Betty C. said...

We have a famous village in Aveyron, Conques, which I had always visited off-season. One summer I took my sister's family there, and they hated it and so did I! Of course we made up part of the crowd of tourists, so I can't really criticize...

Loulou said...

Cordes is one place I definitely want to visit. Great pictures! They've inspired me to head up there before the throngs of tourists descend for the summer.

angela said...

We live with tourists and they are a vital part of local econony...BUT..doesn't it drive you crazy?
I'll definitely be a tourist here though. This is stunning.
Thanks for sharing.

Betty C. said...

I have some more pictures to post of Cordes so stay tuned for the second part.

Jann said...

You have photographed some of my favorite subjects.....and they are all wonderful shots!What beautiful areas to walk around and take pictures....cheers!

L'Amerloque said...

Hi !

Amerloque remembers attending the very, very first "Fete du Grand Fauconnier" several decades ago (more than three !), way back when Cordes was just gathering steam as a summertime tourist destination. (grin) He attended several FdGF over the first three years or so, since at the time he would visit very good friends in the (relatively) nearby, picturesque village of Bruniquel right about that time of the year (first half of July).

Back then a house in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val could be had for peanuts … and there were only French people. (smile)

A place in Cordes was far more expensive !