Thursday, April 26, 2007

Albi Treasure Hunt

La France Profonde is continuing its trip through the Tarn department, where I started my life in France. My goal was to finish "the Tarn series" by the end of April, but with an upcoming three-day trip to Tours - where I also used to live -- this project might spill over into May!

Albi is a popular tourist destination, and plenty of visitors pile in throughout the summer to see its imposing cathedral and the recently remodeled Toulouse-Lautrec museum. Maybe you have even visited these sites.

But do you really know Albi? Let's go on a little treasure hunt: four photos, four questions.

1. What hidden treasure of Albi's downtown area can be accessed from here?

2. What Albi landmark can be seen at the end of this street?

3. Where was this photo taken from?

4. Name two albigeois specialties that were sold in this long-famous and now-defunct Albi bakery:

Feel free to comment whether or not you know the answers! All of these photos also represent places that were favorites of mine when I lived in Albi...


Jann said...

I feel like such a dummy-I haven't a clue to any of this-but sure would love to tell!

Betty C. said...

Don't feel like a dummy! You would actually really have to be quite familiar with Albi to get three out of the four right -- one might be able to be deduced, though. I'm partly interested to see if any local readers spring up!

Tinsie said...

Great pics. I particularly like the one where you can see the Salon de Thé through the open gate.