Thursday, November 16, 2006

Le Gaillac Nouveau est Arrivé

All over France, Beaujolais nouveau is in the news. But local "new" wines have made significant inroads into the vin nouveau market. The proof is in the product. When I stopped off after work today to buy a bottle or two of Beaujolais nouveau, the fresh food market I shop at had a choice -- and tasting -- of three Gaillac primeurs and just one Beaujolais. Hats off to Gaillac wine producers for making their new wine a commercial success. I would say that here in Aveyron it has almost dethroned Beaujolais nouveau.


Alison said...

Unfortunately, here in the States, we can only get Beaujolais Nouveau!

Anonymous said...

We're also looking forward to our local Touraine Primeur here in the Loire Valley region. Now we're going to have to travel around in November to taste all the local vins nouveaux!

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blueVicar said...

Terrific, Betty! Good to see there was a new primeur for tasting. And glad to hear that it is a success!


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