Monday, July 03, 2006

A Little Personal News

Usually I don't use this blog for personal news, but a few interesting things are happening that I wanted to share.

First, today I am having lunch with a fellow blogger who chose to spend her vacation in Aveyron because of my blog! What a treat! I will tell you more about it after the lunch if she wants me to share the information.

Second, Saturday evening I was able to enjoy a "double fête" -- we were invited to celebrate a friend's 50th birthday AND that evening, France upset Brazil in the World Cup quarter-finals. So the local paper's predictions of gloom and despair were wrong. I don't know if my friends want to appear on my blog, so I'm providing an almost dark photo of the birthday party! It will give you an idea of the atmosphere though -- it's been so hot that at midnight, we were still eating outside.

Finally, I am leaving for the States on Wednesday and will be there with my daughters until August 17th. I do plan to keep up on this blog, although I'm not sure exactly what form my summer posts will take. Keep on clicking by...

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A Novelist said...

I hope you have a fun time in the states on holiday! Please take lots of pictures. :)