Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Geel, Belgium

The market square, Geel, Belgium

Geel, Belgium, is an unassuming town in the Kempen district of Flanders. But I have a special relationship with it, as I am responsible for an Erasmus partnership with its university, Thomas More Kempen.

I have been there three times, and last spring, I was lucky enough to do a week of guest teaching there. The weather was excellent (as always when I go there!) and I took up the school's offer of a bike for the week to get back and forth from my hotel. What fun that was!

Geel market place statue

The market square has a striking statue, but I had some trouble finding information about the work on Internet. I ended up getting "informed" through an article about it on the American Conservative website, of all places. 

Apparently the statue would have something to do with "family values." 

Whatever. This definitely bears further research, but not tonight.

A peaceful park

I can't get enough of Flanders, and hope to return many times. 


Sue Brady Ardington said...

Flanders has always fascinated me. I love the dogs from that region as well. The winter European light in your photos also is compelling.

Betty Carlson said...

Hi Sue,

Actually it was late March! But the trees make it look like it was winter, I agree.

I don't know anything about "dogs from that region." Are there special breeds?