Sunday, January 04, 2015

Exploring in my own back yard: Bertholène 2

The austere 19th-century church of Bertholène

Yesterday's cliff-hanging episode of my New Year's Day adventure left me driving out of the surprisingly large Bertholène castle parking lot, feeling frustrated at not having been able to get close to the edifice's intriguing stones.

But then I noticed that the village church appeared accessible, so I parked again about 20 spaces further.

Does anyone out there remember when French churches were almost always open? When I moved to Aveyron 20 years ago, this was usually the case. 

But then again, a priest was often living in the presbytery right next door, which is usually no longer the case.

At any rate, the Bertholène church was resolutely locked, and looking quite lonely.

The abandoned presbytery gave off an even stronger sense of we will see tomorrow.


Perpetua said...

This series of posts is becoming quite a cliffhanger...

Sorry for such a lot of comments all at once. Having started following you back in the autumn, for some reason your blog disappeared from my Feedly reader and I've only just rediscovered it.

Betty Carlson said...

Perpetua, no excuses needed! As someone who is just getting back into blogging, I am thrilled to get comments! Thank you for taking the time.