Tuesday, December 23, 2014

TJ Tuesday -- Cows in the Mist

(Photo courtesy of Thierry Jouanneteau)

If you have been reading, you know that my daughters are home for Christmas. 

One lives in Paris, but gets down to see us every month or two. She hasn't forgotten what it is like to see livestock all over the place. 

The one who lives in Manhattan hasn't been home for a year, and one of her first requests was to "see some cows, donkeys, and horses if possible."

We went on a little nature outing yesterday, and were able to see some cows. 

Unfortunately, none of the known local donkeys were out and about, but she had the nice surprise of waking up to a couple of horses in the field next to our house.

In honor of her presence, I'm posting this photo taken by my husband in Saillac, Corrèze .

Cows in the mist...


Sue Brady Ardington said...

Merry Christmas! Finally figured out how to register with my url and follow your blog.

Nadege said...

I miss the Aubrac cows with their lovely made-up eyes!

Sarah said...

You could hardly find a greater contrast than Manhattan and Saillac, Corrèze... :)

Betty Carlson said...

Sue -- Blogger has a great Reading List function. I hope that is what you found. You can do it from your own Blogger dashboard -- not sure you need to "register" anything.