Sunday, December 28, 2014

Off the Beaten Track: Nature Outing with New York Daughter

View onto the Aveyron River from Gages

This is the view onto the Aveyron river from a little stone bridge just a few kilometers from our house. If the weather is nice, I stop there occasionally on the way back from the grocery store in Gages-le-Pont. 

With our New York daughter home for the holidays this week, I have enjoyed seeing Aveyron through her city eyes.

We had some splendid weather the days before Christmas, and one of the activities she really wanted to take part in was "getting out into nature" -- this from a young lady who couldn't be convinced to take a 45-minute family walk after the age of 13.  

So on Monday, we got out and about. We didn't undertake a long hike, but several short strolls, stopping at sites not far from our home.

Daphné admitted not really remembering that the above bridge view even existed.

Montrozier and its privately owned castle

Then we moved on to Montrozier, which is part of the Gages-Montrozier community, and historically, its starting point.

To me, Montrozier is a well-kept secret. I'm always surprised that so few tourists drop by  -- perhaps if the castle were public, it would draw some crowds. Then again, a stunning stone village that seems virtually undiscovered by anyone except the locals is a treat to visit too. 

View from Montrozier

Daphné was agog at pristine views such as this one, and I was touched to watch her rediscovering the beauties of her French home.

Gazing at grazing cows was a priority

She was also keen to see some animals. On this outing, we were only able to find cows, but when we got home, a local mare and colt had been left in the pasture next to our house, so she has been able to enjoy watching them all week. 

The church in Gillorgues

At one point, I took a road out of Montrozier that I was not familiar with at all. I had no idea where we were going, but knew we were definitely heading somewhere. We ended up in the little community of Gillorgues, officially part of the town of Bozouls. 

All of this was well and good, but after an afternoon "out in nature," a family Christmas, a day in Toulouse, and a number of outings to Rodez, Daphné knows it is time to head back to her job and 24/7 life in the big city.

Monday, she will be back on the plane.


Katie Zeller said...

Your walk looks lovely. I had to laugh about her wanting to see the animals.... I know we were in Rodez, long time ago. One of our friends from Andorra has (or had) a summer house there. Your photos make me want to some back. But not until it warms up LOL

Aussie in France said...

I so envy the blue skies. We haven't been doing as well in the Loire Valley. I see we have our New York daughters visiting at the same time!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

What a wonderful "daughter story!" I loved the remembrances of her childhood lived in this beautiful setting. Sometimes we only appreciate our surroundings when we are removed from them and then return.

Also, growing up helps too! I know that you treasured the time spent with her and I am glad that you had good weather with blue skies.


Sue Brady Ardington said...

Betty, I felt like I was strolling with you and Daphne. What a spectacular Frenxh home!

Betty Carlson said...

Katie -- You should come! I would love to meet you. Rodez is also a great destination now thanks to the Musée Soulages.

Aussie -- The day I took the photos, the skies were blue and it was relatively warm. Right now they are blue but temps are below freezing. I remember a lot of grey days living in the Indre valley...

Genie and Sue -- Yes, it is truly beautiful here. But I am a bit more of a city person, or at least a townie. Part of my blog was always/has always been about trying to appreciate my own surroundings more.