Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wordless Wednesday 38


tut-tut said...

Such a modern building in a timeless setting.

Randal Graves said...

Okay, let me the zillionth person to ask: what is that a shot of?

Le laquet said...

I don't know in a strange kind of way (blame it on my geographical background) I like the juxstaposition of modern building on a fantastic landscape. View from work?

Dedene said...

Hello Betty,
I'm passing along a little award that I received. I don't know how you feel about these kinds of awards, but know that I received it from someone I respect and admire and that's why I'm passing it on to you.

If you choose not to use it, don't worry!

The rules for this award are :
* Put the logo on your blog

* Add a link to the person who awarded you

* Nominate 10 other blogs for this award (although I only awarded 5, I'm a bit short of time.)

* Add links to those blogs

* Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

* Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool

Best to you!