Saturday, December 22, 2007

Joyeux Anniversaire à La France Profonde

Deux ans déjà!

Let's face it, my timing for starting this blog was not that great. It's a little like those kids who have their birthdays around Christmas -- a lot to handle at a very busy time of year.

But here it is, December 22nd, and I am celebrating La France Profonde's second birthday.

La France Profonde has been a labor of love from the beginning. It is by far my favorite of my three blogs, and I only regret that I don't have more time to devote to it.

Of course, I can hear you saying, if I gave up my other two blogs I could have more time for FP. But each of my blogs fulfills a different purpose and a particular need, and each one has developed its own network of readers, acquaintances and, yes, friends. And I can't imagine giving any of them up.

I started my blogs as an outlet for writing and, quite honestly, as a way to get some writing clips up on the Internet. And my blogs have led, directly or indirectly, to a bit of freelance writing work that has been an enjoyable complement to my teaching job.

But by far the richest return from blogging has been my contacts with other bloggers who have become regular readers...and an important part of my life, which is something that non-bloggers can't seem to understand.

There are the fellow expats, especially Ken, Walt, Katie and Meredith, whom I keep up with regularly and who have provided plenty of comments and support over the past two years.

Then there are the American Francophiles, readers I've picked up more recently and with whom I love to compare notes. Marjory, Randal, Belette, Colleen -- thanks for your faithful comments and I hope my occasional reality checks don't discourage you from your unfailing love for France!

And Ali, I've said it before: I really learned what blogging is all about from you.

There are so many others who drop in from time to time, and that I drop in on. How I love your visits, but also clicking into your little corner of cyberspace!

Finally, you may have noticed that some of the blog's best photos, like this one and this one, are marked "courtesy of Thierry Jouanneteau." As you might have suspected, Thierry is my husband, and his job gets him out and about in the aveyronnais countryside -- thus allowing me to share views of la campagne that I wouldn't otherwise have.

Merci à tous et à toutes!

And if you've made it this far, stop by my very favorite post. It didn't elicit that many comments -- no accounting for some people's tastes, especially mine I suppose -- but it gave me shivers.


La Belette Rouge said...

Joyeux Anniversaire, Betty!
Two is old in blogging years (and that is a good thing). It takes a lot of work and thought to keep up a beautiful blog like yours. Most don’t have the endurance to keep up one blog; you keep up three.

Congratulations! We, your loyal readers are very grateful for the dedication and the beauty of France you transmit through your blog.

I, for one, appreciate the gentle and well-intended reality check you offer in response to the wide-eyed optimism and lopsided love of France that we American Francophiles have.

I hope your third year of blogging is filled with lots more of your beautiful photographs!! :-) I am so happy to have found your blog almost as soon as I found my way into the blogosphere.

Betty C. said...

I wonder if there's some equivalent to human years, like the say about dog years!

katiez said...

Joyeux Anniversaire!
2 whole years!?!
Well done, and all that! It does seem a rather strange date to have started though ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is a pleasure to come to a blog of another Pacific Northwesterner whom has made the jump to France.

You've done this faithfully for 2 years! Wow. I certainly hope you continue to write!

Thank you for writing and creating an outlet for us Francophiles.

paris parfait said...

Joyeux Noel et felicitations pour votre anniversaire! xo

tut-tut said...

Thanks for your blog; I enjoy your postings very much!

Ali said...

Happy Blogiversary! And thank you for the mention; it means a lot to know I've been an inspiration and perhaps an influence.

Poppy Fields said...

Happy blog anniversary and Joyeux Noël Betty!

wcs said...

Congratulations on two years! It's amazing how this blogging thing is connecting people that would otherwise never be aware of each other. Pretty cool.

Thanks for all your insights and for sharing your husbands photos.

Best for 2008!

Betty C. said...

Walt, just one little detail: MOST of the photos are mine! :)

Loulou said...

Joyeux anniversaire!
I truly enjoy reading La France Profonde. I apologize for not commenting more often.
You have created a wonderful site and I look forward to reading all you have to say in your third year.

eleonora said...

Moi aussi Betty, je suis contente d'avoir découvert le tien...alors Merry Christmas et bon anniversaire pour ton blog....un gros smackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk et passe un bon dimanche...A bientôt

joy suzanne said...

Happy blogiversary Betty!

And a Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

What a great meme and how lovely you are summarizing your Blogsphere experience.

I haven't know you for long but its a great pleasure to read your post and watch your lovely pics - thanks for sharing!

I love your visits into my little corner of cyberspace too :-)

God Jul!

RennyBA's Terella

Samantha said...

Happy Anniversary from me too!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Merry Christmas to you.

Your blog is quite new to me, but I have bookmarked it and will come back.

wcs said...

I knew that... [blush]

Tinsie said...

Happy belated birthday to your blog from another little corner of cyberspace!

Tins xxx

christo domergue said...

happy belated birthday to your blog from Montargis (centre).
Un bon anniversaire retardataire pour votre journal de blog de Montargis (région centre)
best for 2008
que des belles choses pour 2008!

Jann said...

Congrats to you! And, your husband is very talented with the camera~those were gorgeous shots you posted from his collection.You certainly bring France to life for many of us and I thank you for that. I would love to live in this beautiful country you now reside in.Keep up the good work!

tongue in cheek said...

Happy Blog Birthday!
I think the best things always stick close together, that is why your blog started ar the busiest yest best time of the year!