Saturday, February 10, 2007

January Snow -- A Look Back

It's already been over two weeks since our snow episode, so before spring I thought I'd share a few images of Rodez under January 23rd's light blanket of white. I wasn't lucky enough to take pictures of the city during last year's huge snow cover, but this year braved going into town for a lunch the day we got hit.

Had I known what was awaiting me that evening, I probably wouldn't have gone to that lunch! After going home for a few hours at around 2pm, I went back to Rodez for a 5:30 appointment; by the time it was over at 6:30, the local streets were "une patinoire," or ice-skating rink. I took 50 minutes as compared to the usual 15 to drive back to my village on a surreal, wind-swept veneer of ice and snow.

Gritting my teeth and driving at about 15 miles per hour -- as was everyone else, for once -- I finally made it to my village, but not up the hill to my house as the roads were sheer ice. I joined a few abandoned cars in a farmer's field and my husband walked down to save me by putting chains on. Total time to get home: one hour and forty-five minutes!


angela said...

Snow's ok but I hate driving on ice.
What a nightmare journey for you.

Wilf James said...

That is some adventure, well done for making it home.

You have also managed to get some lovely snow images on your blog before Springtime arrives. Well done!

Greetings from Réal DP

Linda said...

Great photos! We had some really cold weather for a short time and now I am back to wearing my light coat with the temperatures like Spring. My husband says to expect a cold March and April-hope he is wrong. I was in your part of France, Aveyron, last summer and loved it. My link-as you mentioned-is

cityfarmer said...

We're talking 10 inches today in the midwest.

Tracey said...

I see you're a WA too :) Still here, though, not in France or anyplace else that may seem exotic.

Sorry for your snow; ours hit early and has gone (hopefully for good!)

Looking forward to taking a peek at your pics!

Tinsie said...

I love snow, but it can be a pain in the countryside. One of the good things about the inner city is that all the main roads and pavements are gritted religiously before, during and after snow :-)
Lovely photos!