Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hospital Trip

My daughter was just hospitalized for an appendicitis attack, and my parents remarked on the great differences between health care in the USA and health care in France.

At 7:30 am, I realized my daughter was very ill and that perhaps it wasn't just the stomach flu. I called my family doctor at home to see if she was working. Her husband told me she was already out on house calls before her 9:00 shift at the office.

I called her on her cell phone and she was at our house within 20 minutes. She examined my daughter and said that a case of appendicitis couldn't be ruled out and that I should take her to the hospital. She told me to make sure to call her during the day to tell her how things
turned out.

At emergency, my daughter was in her own room by 9:00. She was examined, tests were done, and by noon she was in a private room in the intestinal surgery department, and operated on at 4:00. She will be staying at least three nights, maybe four, and a free roll-in bed is provided for parents.

To compare, my niece had a kidney removed last year in the USA and stayed one night only. My 91-year-old grandmother took a fall this winter and fractured her ankle, and my family had to fight for her to stay one night in the hospital.

There's definitely a difference.


Alison said...

Oh yes, there is a difference. My prescription medicine in France cost about 28 euros a month, but the Sécu and the MGEN took care of it. Here, I have no insurance (yet) and I pay more than $100 for the prescription every month.

Anyway, I'm glad you got your daughter into the hospital and that she will be okay!

Pam said...

These are great examples of the health care differences! We often discuss these differences with our family and friends in America - it's staggering to us.

Thanks for visiting American Spoken Here!

Most importantly, I hope your daughter is doing well.

Anonymous said...

All the best for your daughter's speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

I hope your daughter gets well quickly. I sometime imagine moving back to the USA, and then a thought about something like healthcare stops that train of thought.

Anonymous said...

The comparison between care here and in the UK is one good reason for staying here. We have had good reason to be grateful.
Nasty experience for your daughter though. I hope she's recovering well.

Robert said...

I agree. However, even in France there are big differences. I went to Accident&Emergency at a big university hospital (in Besancon), was seen immediately (the injury wasn't that bad), and was waited on by one doctor and 3 trainee doctors.

A friend injured his foot (suspected brooken bone) so we went to a local hospital A&E. Took six hours to see a doctor.

If you have a choice of hospitals near you, it is worth checking out which is the best in advance (just in case).

Jann said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better-poor thing.... she must have been so ill-will be thinking of her!

Riana said...

HUGE differences in health care here in France. I will be staying in the clinic with my baby after she is born for a minimum of five days (all covered) unlike the usa, wham bam, you are out of here...

Hope that your daughter feels better soon!