Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy New Blog plus Health Update

First, I want to thank all of you who have sent messages of support and best wishes after my daughter's hospitalization. She has been home all week and we are seeing the doctor tonight to find about when she can get back to school. Although she has a only a small scar, her surgery was done traditionally and so it will take a while for the incision pain to go away.

In the meantime, I have found nothing better to do than create a new blog. Just what I needed!

This new effort, "And So Forth," is going to be my 'just for fun" blog. La France Profonde and Cuisine Quotidienne have very focused subjects, so I wanted a place where I could blog about some of my other areas of interest. Look forward to posts on a highly irregular basis!


Pam said...

'Just for fun' sounds fantastic! I'm eager to read it : )

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear your daughter is doing better. good thing ya'll had immediate care, and house calls no less! I had a co-worker whose son was in the hospital for months due to undiagnosed appendicitis and then a subsequent infection.

p.s. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Graphis AG - Emmanuel pesso said...

hello Betty, just found your blog on google and was wondering whether you could help me post some links to our website... My wife and i have a b&b close to Peyrusse-le-Roc, and i'm trying to get people to see that we exist :)
If you feel i'm being intrusive, never mind my message, just trash it!
If not, why not take a look?