Sunday, March 05, 2006

Notre-Dame de Rodez

I see it every time I go to Rodez. Sometimes I am awestruck; once in a while I barely notice it. But when I do take a close look, I always notice something new. Rodez's cathedral, built between 1277 and the end of the 16th century, never ceases to fascinate me.

It has a name: Notre-Dame de Rodez. But the locals rarely if ever call it by this name; they simply refer to it as "la Cathédrale."

Like so many things about the Aveyron, I find it underrated. Tourists flock to Albi's cathedral, but not so often to our Notre-Dame.

Come take a closer look on Tom Smith's photo site.

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anon said...

When can we come visit you?? Looks awesome. I miss the south.