Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tragedy for Aveyron Farms

Last weekend's snowstorm was no more than an adventure for most of us here in Aveyron, but for some farmers, it became a tragedy of disastrous proportions. Over 40 barn rooves collapsed in the area, killing 974 sheep, 6,300 rabbits and 1,400 ducks. Fortunately the snowstorm brought about few, if any, human casualties: one man was found dead in his car in St. Affrique in Aveyron, but it is not clear if the death was caused directly or indirectly by the snow.

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Steve said...

The loss of all those sheep, rabbits, and ducks -- how terribly sad!

Nonetheless, I want to welcome you to the blogosphere! (Have the French coined an expression for that yet? Perhaps Le Blogosphere? Hahaha!) Anyway, your blog is off to a fantastic start. I love your regular use of photographs. Cross-linking to your other blog is a great idea, too. And, of course, it's simply a pleasure to read your well-written and interesting entries! Keep up the good work!