Sunday, February 26, 2006

Floating Over Millau

Aveyron has a lot of remarkable sites, and now we can add the Millau Viaduct to the list of places to see. I have driven back and forth over it twice, but of course when driving, one doesn't get a feel of the height. Sometimes, though, I quickly glimpse down and see the town of Millau far, far below.


Steve said...

Awesome! In that picture, the bridge doesn't even look real. It kind of looks like a mock-up of some futuristic "super bridge."

Anyway, probably best to keep your eyes on the road! As I recall from that show I watched, it has the highest bridge piers in the world (or at least it did when they produced the show).

Samantha said...

Cool picture - and Fab's been dying to see that bridge ever since it opened. Maybe we'll take a trip down there someday!

Kim/Thomas said...

how amazing! I will browse through your you enjoy the french love is from Pau, so someday soon we will be visiting:)

Léons Life said...

My husband is from Beziers so we cross this bridge everytime we drive down from Paris. One day I would like to stop (there is a special area to stop) and get a view that way.

When you on the bridge you don't see so much, other than an odd feeling it is so very high !