Sunday, March 29, 2015

5 years ago on La France Profonde

We're in the 10° rainy zone, just northwest of the 18° sunny zone

There comes a time, in the Rodez area, when we become acutely aware that although we are part of the Midi-Pyrénées region, we are still not quite far enough south to be, well, really part of the south.

That time is often in March, and this year is no exception. 

I haven't been able to get out on any springtime explorations yet, and have spent this weekend and last weekend holed up reading. That's pleasant enough in January, but frustrating when it is nearly April.

Of course we need the rain, but does it have to come especially over the weekend?

Fountain on the Place Foch in Rodez, March 2010

Being utterly uninspired as to blogging material, I decided to dig back into the archives of La France Profonde. What was I blogging about 5 years ago in March?

Inspiration was perhaps lagging then too, as I had only managed to eke out two written posts, plus 4 "Wordless Wednesday" posts, which, for lack of recent photos, I am including to illustrate this one.

On my way to visiting Jennifer of Chez Loulou, March 2010

That March, I got a huge dose of sun on a visit to see blogging buddy Jennifer G. when she was living in the Languedoc-Roussillon. Of the commenters on my Wordless Wednesdays from March 2010, she and Spacedlaw are the only two still keeping up blogs.

I'm still in touch with some of the other commenters through Facebook or Twitter, although their blogs are long defunct. And there are regular commenters from that time period whom I don't remember at all.

March 2010 -- and that's all I know about this photo

The problem with Wordless Wednesday posts is their wordlessness, which is one reason I have decided not to do them anymore -- that and the fact they always feel a little like a cop-out. I wish I remembered where I took the above photo, but I won't go through my thousands of photos to find out.

Baby Bunny was truly a baby in March 2010

We are lucky enough to still have the darling pet rabbit, Bunny, that we got in January 2010. The other "baby" in the photo was in her 1re (junior) year of high school. 

Now she is living in Manhattan, and at the moment is visible on a city wall as part of the Projection Napping Project by Dawn of Man . You can see her here sleeping in the city that never sleeps, from 0:39 to 0:44 seconds:

All that said, I think I'll get under the covers and read a little more...


Dorothy Borders said...

Very interesting. I have much the same reaction to Wordless Wednesday posts. I used to feature them quite often - not so much any more.

Cute bunny! They do make great pets. Isn't it amazing how quickly our daughters grow and suddenly have lives of their own?

Nadege said...

Funny, I was just on chat with a blogger friend few minutes ago. She wrote that she doesn't see me commenting on blogs anymore. I have been very busy at work but I also don't really care very much about some of my favorite blogs. Yours was my very first blog ever so I hold it dear, but the others, not so much. Some became repetitive and frankly, it is not an easy job particularly when some post everyday. Others post only once in a while but it takes forever to read them. For the younger generation, instagram, Facebook… are the way to go, it is for me, anyway.
I hope you will get gorgeous, sunny weather very soon. I can't even imagine living in a climate that is cold, grey and rainy. I wished it rained more in L.A. but even though we need the rain, people complain when it rains more than 1 day. Hard to make everybody happy.

Sarah said...

Living further south has definite advantages weather-wise. I've been out and about on weekends for weeks now. :)

Betty Carlson said...

@Dorothy -- Yes, things have changed so much for us in the past 5 years. I feel the time from mid-high school to young adult life went really fast (especially with one daughter who started working full-time in Manhattan at the age of 19!)

@Nadège I am very touched to know that you still follow my blog even though you have left many others behind! Maybe I was right to take that long break, though...

@Sarah "Yes, but I love the SEASONS..." (As I breathe deeply and repeat 500 times...)

Perpetua said...

I enjoyed this glimpse of your blog 5 years ago, Betty - a year before I even started mine. At heart I'm a words person and can't imagine publishing a post without any, however much I love images too.

If it's any consolation, spring has been very slow to arrive in the UK too this year.

Katie Zeller said...

We had milder weather when we lived nearer the coast. I've never done Wordless Wednesday.... thought about it, but it didn't seem to fit me LOL