Saturday, February 14, 2015

St. Martin de Cormières -- another find on the backroads of Aveyron

What's wrong with this picture?

Last week's visit to the snow-covered Lévézou area was not without a magical discovery: the St. Martin de Cormières church, a historical monument that is part of the community of Le Vibal.

I don't know why a telescopic crane had to be sitting next to it right at this time, but I guess machines have to live somewhere too.

Not a cathedral, but still...the work, the work

Although considered a small church, it is still quite imposing. We often hear about "the cathedral builders," but as I contemplated this more modest structure, I gave a thought to the efforts needed to build it in the XVth century. 

How long did it take? Were lives lost? Did the laborers work even through the glacial winter?

Once again, locked doors

I truly wasn't expecting the doors to be open, but I wish they had been; photos of the church here promise a magical and manicured interior.

Could this be the key? Certainly not...

Feeling like an intruder in the sleepy, snowy hamlet, I stole a quick photo of the cross on the village square. Only now, as I post the photo, do I notice the key on it. 

What could that symbolize? 

So much to think about....

A church definitely worth seeing in the winter

I suppose tourists are very rare here in the dead of winter -- and I even have to wonder about the summer, as nothing but the sign on the main road indicated the presence of this classified historic monument. 

I have a feeling I'll be back.


Sarah said...

Ooh yes, I'd go back too. What a lovely little spot and so pretty in the snow. We crossed over the plateau de Larzac last weekend which was also under snow and looked gorgeous. There was no snow in Rocamadour though.

Betty Carlson said...

Sarah -- that whole Larzac plateau does get very snowy at times. There is also another pass before you get to Millau that can be treacherous. Much of Aveyron is generally much colder than the Lot, so I'm not surprised you had no snow in Rocamadour.

Aussie in France said...

It's really lovely, particularly in the snow. Maybe the key would have let you enter the church! Quite often, you can get the key from the presbytery or the town hall, but there has to be somewhere there of course!

Our french oasis said...

I loved seeing your churches in the snow, really enjoyed this post

Phoebe @ Lou Messugo said...

This church and hamlet look so pretty in the snow. The key is intriguing, perhaps like Rosemary says it is for the church. I must admit I didn't notice the crane until you pinted it out as I was focussing on the church. Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutFrance, I hope to see you back on 5th march.

Perpetua said...

What a lovely sturdy church, beautifully rooted in the landscape. It looks magical in the snow despite the crane. Yes, a return visit in the summer and a hunt for the key seems called-for.

Cees van Halderen said...

I have visited literally hundreds of churches in Burgundy; the majority is normally open. Later we found out it was better to return when the mairie is open. Often the church is opened by one of those in the town hall on the day the mairie is open; else they happily give you the key or phone somebody with a key to open the door for you. Success!