Sunday, November 09, 2014

La France Profonde -- A Slow but Sure Return

L'Eglise de Gabriac
October 31, 2014

This splendid yet little-reputed church is just miles from my house, yet I had never even noticed it. Perhaps I had never even driven past it. 

So many beautiful places so nearby; so many reasons to start this blog up again!

And so much to learn about the Blogger platform that I haven't touched for several years now! 


Anonymous said...

Betty, Glad to see you have the time to start up your blog again. I'll read it! Mine is dead and buried. Good luck!

Betty C. said...

Anonymous -- Thank you for your comment! But who are you?

Katie Zeller said...

Catching up on all the changes will be,er, fun.... Welcome back

Betty C. said...

Katie, it seems like a whole different world out there. Most of my blogging buddies dropped off about the same time I did. But I have a feeling my return will stick. I'll be dropping by your place too, especially since now I also have more time to cook!

Steve H. said...

Still following here, too. ;-)