Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Missed Opportunity

This salmon being smoked at the Hanover Christmas market reminded me of my Pacific Northwest Heritage -- and she felt the same way.

Christina, of Mausi, and I have a lot in common. We're both from the PNW, she from Vancouver, B.C. and me from Olympia, WA. We've both lived in Europe, married to Europeans, since 1990. And we're both involved in ESL teaching.

I've followed her blog off and on, and she mine. But when I went to Hanover in early December for a conference followed by a weekend "just for me," I neglected to write anything about it on this blog. And after a very short post about the Hanover trip, I got this comment from Christina:

As in Hanover, Germany?? Dang, we could have had coffee!

And the worst thing is, we really could have, because I had all Saturday to myself!

Regrets, regrets...but maybe a message to myself to get back into the blogosphere somehow.

In the meantime, I'll refer you to this wonderful post by Christina about the Hanover Christmas market, or Weihnachtsmarkt, and the general festive atmosphere in Germany at this time of year...because who knows if I'll have time to do a big post about my trip!

I am, however, going to make an effort to get back to blogging on FP. I miss it and I miss you all.


deedeeinfrance said...

Man, that's too bad! One of these days, I'll be back in your neighborhood and I'll be loud about it!
Happy Holidays :)

Betty C. said...

It's funny because Christina took the exact same picture of the smoked salmon, it's on her blog...

Yes, I agree, we must meet up someday. It would be fun to include Loulou. Maybe some "pont" this spring?

Anonymous said...

If you get close to Orléans, you must call and I'll come to meet you! I too, grew up around smoked salmon, the Pacific Ocean and the NW!

The Pliers said...

I like how those background details to your individual lives take on a much larger meaning out-of-context there in Europe, & in the ether–the Pacific, the PNW, smoked salmon, ESL. You're on my list so I'll be seeing you whenever you write...

Tinsie said...

Welcome back :-)

Betty C. said...

Hi Tinsie,

I'm going to do some work on my blog (mainly sidebar stuff) over the holidays and get myself a little more acquainted with it. I'm also going to stop using Google Reader for following blogs (other than professional ones) -- just go back to the old fashioned sidebar system for a while to "get back in touch.

I also plan a WW for this evening!