Sunday, October 18, 2009

General update, sans photo

I don't have much inspiration for a photo-related post this weekend, so I thought I would just do a quick update on some of my news.

1. My globe-trotting daughter got in, at the last minute, on a one-week school exchange trip to Ireland. French schools are big on orgnizing trips to other European countries, and my girls have taken a total of five so far: Scotland, England, Ireland, Spain and Germany. She had a great time but today is homework catch-up day, which is the downside of going on a trip where the whole class is not involved.

2. I was in Paris for work on Tuesday and Wednesday and since I had the rare occasion to spend the night, I took the chance to finally meet up with Leesa from News from France! We were definitely not in blogging mode as we took no pictures of food or each other -- I didn't even have my camera with me as it meant extra weight to drag around in Paris. But we had a great evening together and I thank Leesa and Alex for their hospitality.

3. I may be blogging here less, but I am as active as ever online. Spurred on by some summer reading, I am doing a lot more work on my English classes and discovering all sorts of new materials and even a whole new way to teach that I am experimenting with, at least partially.

4. This year I finally signed up as a student at the Rodez Ecole de Musique, and I am taking harpsichord lessons. It is a fun new challenge but is also keeping me busy, busy, busy.

5. Finally, I don't want to go into any medical detail on this, but my dear father has been very ill and hospitalized and/or in acute care since about the beginning of September -- shortly after we left the USA. We have hopes he can come home in a few weeks. The general upshot is progress, but very slow progress. Please give him a thought.

So you can see, readers, that life is very full at the moment. I know I haven't been faithfully commenting on a lot of your blogs, but I very much appreciate those of you who take the time to comment here.

Bon dimanche à tous!


poppy fields said...

I'm sorry that your Dad is ill, I'll keep him in my thoughts.
Emma (6ème) is looking forward to school trips. But I am rather "décue" by her school. She's only had 2 techno classes since September, and she hasn't had math for three weeks now? C'est normal?

Randal Graves said...

The harpsichord? Very groovy (what a lovely instrument) as is French schools offering such travel opportunities. Best wishes to your pop for a full recovery.

Betty C. said...

I fell in love with harpsichords when I visited the harpsichord museum in Bruges. The one I play on is painted with this floral motif -- absolutely beautiful!

Betty C. said...

Meredith -- "Ce n'est pas normal," but one of the big problems in France is in collège and lycée, they don't immediately bring in subs -- the teacher has to be gone for a certain period of time (something like 3-4 weeks, it seems to me.) And then there are only subs if they are available, and if the "real teacher" comes back even once, the whole week count starts up again...

Last year my eldest's TERMINALE class had NO English teacher for a whole quarter, and missed about the equivalent of a quarter of Eco (great for a BAC ES...) total because of teacher absences.

La Framéricaine said...

Betty C.,

Your plate sounds full to overflowing! I hope that your father's healing will continue apace and that he will soon be back in the bosom of his family feeling better.

I LOVE the harpsichord and the music that was written for it. It is so beautiful. Congratulations on having taken it up as an instrument of choice.

Funny to not see a photo here!

Betty C. said...

Yes, I think it is the first time since the VERY beginning that I have posted without a photo. But I may do so from time to time. Sometimes looking for a photo blocks the blogging process.

Leesa said...

Hi Betty!

It was great finally meeting you!! We had a great time just talking away and having a nice dinner together- I guess taking pics wasn't on my mind either! I am sorry to hear about your dad and will definitely be sending out good thoughts his way!!
Cool about the harpsichord!

Take care and have a great week!

Pardon My French said...

Loved the update! Very sorry to hear about your father and best wishes for his recovery (and virtual hugs to you). Harpsichord lessons -- I love it! Go for baroque, as they say. The dogme group was interesting and I'd really like to see how it works in France with prior expectations.

Betty C. said...

Hello Pardon and thank you for your message. There is a great "dogme in ESL teaching" book you can buy on the Internet called "Teaching Unplugged." It has changed a lot of things about how I see my job and what I do in class. However, I'm not "going 100%" with it -- just working some "dogme moments" in, and they've been very constructive.

The Duchess said...

Sounds like you've got plenty going on, Betty! Sorry to hear about your dad, hope his recovery continues smoothly!

Loulou said...

I'll keep you dad in my thoughts. Please keep us up to date on his progress.

It sounds like you've taken on some interesting new challenges. Bravo!

Tinsie said...

What? No food photos? What good is dining out if you don't document it? Hehe ;-)

Hope your music lessons are going well and your dad comes out of hospital soon. Fingers crossed & best wishes Xx

Mimi from French Kitchen said...

Thanks for the update, Betty.

Hope your father continues to progress.


Betty C. said...

If any of you who posted to this post are still signed up for comments, I just wanted to tell you that my Dad is doing better. He isn't home yet but has made a lot of progress over the past week. Thank you for your kind words of support!