Sunday, September 16, 2007

Every Day's like an Open Door!

The weather has been so absolutely glorious the past few weeks that I have felt like singing on my way to work...

That rhythm of town
Starts calling me down
It's like a message from high above
Oh, oh, oh
Pulling me out to the smiles and the streets that I love
Good morning Bourran
Every day's like an open door!

Okay, this all probably sounds quite silly. But like Baltimore, (now if you haven't seen Hairspray, you must, but in English) Bourran, or the New Rodez, is much maligned. In fact, it seems to be quite fashionable to criticize our little La Défense:

"C'est une horreur!"
"Ils l'ont raté!"
"Moi, je n'y mets jamais les pieds!"

But Bourran is growing. And it is growing on me.


katiez said...

We were in Rodez a few years ago - on our way to Albi, I think... Not long enough to take notice of anything.
Hasn't this weather been fantastic? The best we've had all summer!

Linda said...

I haven't seen that movie. John Travolta in drag gives me pause but, if I get the chance, I will now.

wcs said...

The weather is so nice that I'm just soaking it up, not even working in the yard, which I should be doing.

Hedges to trim, grass to cut, soil to till. But I don't feel like it. It feels like summer.

Jann said...

How wonderful to have such gorgeous weather~puts you in such a good mood, does it not? I have not seen the movie( Travolta style) yet, but did see on Broadway`loved it!