Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stormy Weather

I am now in Olympia, Washington for the next six weeks, and this is the sultry and strange weather I left behind in Aveyron.

I do believe 2007 is the first time that we have not been able to eat outside on our deck a single time in May or June. Storm after storm plagued Aveyron during those months, including a few that caused serious flash flooding.

Listening closely through my open windows in mid-June, I could swear I heard wailing and gnashing of teeth. It must have been all the neighbors who had rushed out to build costly swimming pools last summer.

(Photo courtesy of Thierry Jouanneteau)


antoine said...

You greet american by the Albigeois and Rouergat . Thanks for your post . Congratulation for your web blog FranceProfonde

Betty C. said...

I know not that many Americans know much about these regions of France, so I hope they can learn something about these beautiful areas through my blog. Thanks for your comment, Antoine.

Tinsie said...

Looks as if France is enjoying the same gloomy and stormy weather we're having in England. This summer has been a washout for the most part. It's very disappointing :-(

Hope you've found better in Washington!

Betty C. said...

92 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny, with cool mornings and evenings -- how does that sound?

Linda said...

It has been cooler than usual in Provence too. May and June were mostly cool with wind with an occasional warm day to make us hope. This is the first week it has been hot enough for the a/c.

Mountain Dweller said...

The objects in this photo seem strangely familiar... Greetings from the Alps!