Monday, May 07, 2007

Train Tripping to Tours

La Gare de Rodez
6:40 AM, Saturday April 28th 2007

I bet a lot of you first hopped around France by train.

Europasses, anyone?

"Limoges, Limoges, trois minutes d'arrêt. Correspondances pour...."


On my first trips to France, it seems like I spent about half of my time in trains. Now I seldom travel that way -- I think the last time was in 2000. And I rarely travel alone. But in late April I went up to the Tours area, sans famille, to see an old friend who is moving back to the States next summer.

I won't blog about Tours as much as I did for the Tarn, but expect a few posts about my trip hither and thither. And definitely a few more train shots.


Princesse Ecossaise said...

I HATE that damn tune they play at la gare! Dun Dun Dun's every 2 minutes, grrr.

Does anyone else find it rather fun to composte les billets? Just me..? Thought so..!

Betty C. said...

Yes, I've always thought it was kind of fun to "composter," but stressful because of the fear of forgetting.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

I know!! I did forget last time, me and my mum got on the train to paris and the controleur looked at us and rolled his eyes as if to say 'bah les touristes!'

Jann said...

I love Tours-so many wonderful eateries and shops-not far from my French sisters home!