Thursday, March 29, 2007

Polnareff Concert

Aveyron does have a lot of cultural opportunities, but it wasn't on the list for Michel Polnareff's concert tour. That didn't stop my family from crossing snowy mountain passes on a school night last week to see him play in the Zénith concert hall in Clermont-Ferrand -- a two-hour drive from our house.

If you're interested, I've done a major post on it next door at And So Forth.

But you may not be. Most of our friends were underwhelmed by our decision to go. It's all a matter of taste...


Erica said...

Hi Betty! I read your other post about the concert, sounds like you had a great time with your family! About your trip to London, Oxford Street is the best option, for kids and adults alike! There is something for everybody.
Check out Selfridges, it is a massive shop over many floors, and on the last floor you can have some nice food and rest your feet after a day of shopping! Have fun on your trip.

Pardon My French said...

Pretty funny...I recently found out who Polnareff was. Glad you enjoyed the concert; your "even older than their parents" comment made me laugh.