Thursday, December 21, 2006

No Christmas Spirit in France? No Way!

I've noticed a lot of expat blogs are full of sadness -- I won't say whining -- about the supposed lack of Christmas spirit in France. Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon in Rodez, getting my Christmas shopping done -- finally. And I can assure you that Christmas spirit was everywhere, starting with these two high school students who were perched on a bench in Rodez's public park, le Jardin du Foirail, displaying their version of Christmas spirit.

When I asked if I could take their photo and explained that a lot of Americans and Brits felt there wasn't enough "esprit de Noël" around -- for lack of a better translation -- they vehemently denied it: "Mais si, mais si." So yes there is -- and they are living proof of it. Joyeux Noël, guys.


Anonymous said...

HoHoHo, I like this photo!

Anonymous said...

Beaux garcons indeed!
I'm planning to whizz down to the Christmas market this morning so there'll be some Christmas atmosphere down there. I do suspect the sun alters our perception of Christmas.

Riana said...

I noticed the ho-humness in the local blogs too about French Noel spirit...I see the spirit everywhere and hear it, the mairie is playing christmas music and blasting it through town for the last few day and there is a christmas tree on every corner. I love it. Now, if it just snows, we will be set.

Happy Holidays!