Friday, September 01, 2006

The Write Stuff for Expats

I was recently asked to write a story about wine for a new expat website, blueVicar . I don't really have time to work on stories now as I'm trying to get more business writing jobs, but the site's concept is clearly of interest if you would like to try your hand at writing stories that go beyond a simple blog post.

blueVicar is for people with stories to tell about life abroad…and for those who like to read them.

Living far from our home lands, we love to hear the experiences and perceptions other people have while living here. Their stories remind us of things that have happened to us; things that were funny, poignant, scary, or just plain memorable. We live more fully knowing what others have seen; the world becomes a little richer when we pay attention to details that we might otherwise have missed.

blueVicar is a forum for people who live abroad to tell their stories. Those stories are posted on and then anyone, anywhere can read them."

Another interesting aspect of blueVicar is that your work will be edited by a professional, and that is worth gold for incipient writers. So take a look at blueVicar. Their first call for submissions is for stories about wine -- and I'm sure some of you have a few tales to tell!


misschrisc said...

Incipient? hmmm...okay well maybe a little incipient I suppose.

angela said...

I've just found your blog as I was looking for expat bloggers living in France. I'm a Brit living near Grasse.
I love the photo, it looks like the earth that flies up from my driveway when I take out the car except that my dust's less colourful!

Sarah said...

Hi Betty--I just found your blog too. I'm curious in hearing more about the aspect of raising kids in France, specifically about their language acquisition. Are yours bilingual? I've recently started a blog about teaching languages to young children--please stop by and visit if you have ideas to share--and let me know if you'd be interested in having me profile your kids on my site! Merci bien, Sarah
(PS: Your food blog is gorgeous!)