Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Thoughts on temperatures

You've seen it in winter , so now how about a look at what I see from my home office window - what I have come home to. The dryness of late August here always shocks me, but for the moment it is mercifully cool -- temperatures in the 70s.

The Aveyronnais are quite "frileux" -- they don't care much for feeling cold and often harangue their children about covering up. My French colleagues are often in huge pullovers when I am wearing a T-shirt.

Today I took my daughter and a friend to a local outdoor swimming pool, and there were fewer than ten people there. It's a beautiful sunny day, the school holidays are still on, but few locals dare swim outside unless it gets well into the 80s.


wcs said...

Welcome back! August has been cold up in the Loire, too. We're hoping for a warmer September.

Sean C. said...

Glad you made it back home safe and sound. It was nice to see you and your daughters this summer!

Connie and Rob said...

Found my way through Tongue and Cheek. Just wanted to stop in and say hello.

Your photo looks like how dry it is here in Missouri. We have been praying for rain to make things just a little more green before fall.

Please feel free to visit my blog.

Take care,

Run Around Paris said...

Bonjour, Cherie...Merci beaucoup for the link - I am going to add you as well. I enjoy reading your blog!

blueVicar said...

Can't read enough about living life in a foreign land! You've got a convincing way of showing others what you saw with your writing..in other words, you tell a good story.

Is it culture or is it climate that leads to all that bundling up of babies, children, youth, adults and elders? It is prevalent along the Riviera as well.

Meilleurs vœux!

LoracAnn said...

I really enjoyed reading all the other blog comments.

We had a great summer together in Olympia WA, USA and you and your dear daughters are sorely missed!