Sunday, April 09, 2006

Where has the bird flu crisis gone?

Fifteen years ago, the French media were known for balanced, high quality coverage. But they have learned from their British and American counterparts: they can get into a frenzy with the best of them.

Isn't it funny we aren't hearing any more about the bird flu crisis that so dominated the press a month ago? Could the First Employment Contract (CPE) be a successful vaccination against the disease?


Sam said...

Pretty turtle dove

Doc said...

Can I be glad for that?
My husband's a farmer and while we don't raise birds (or any other beasties) some of our friends do. They've been struggling, even if no one in the area has been affected, even if they follow all the "guidelines" in place. I'd rather watch hours of the CPE coverage and get frustrated with France's fear of change than see two seconds of Bird Flu and wath our neighbors' farms go under because of it.

Karenzicus said...

Heehee! A French person tried to tell me the other day that Americans are blowing the bird flu thing way out of proportion. That's fair enough, cuz we are, but so are the French! From September up until the CPE thing, it was all I heard about!