Friday, January 09, 2015

A More Peaceful Paris

Paris without a care on its mind: January 16 2008

After work today, I went through my photos and found one that I had taken in Paris during another, more peaceful, month of January.

This evening in France, many of us are experiencing an uncomfortable mix of relief and renewed mourning, as reports say 4 more innocent people died in today's hostage taking at Porte de Vincennes.  (As I write, numbers in the English-speaking press are conflicting, but the French press is quite clear that it is 4, plus the Montrouge killer.)

It has crossed my mind that what happened there, had it been an isolated incident, would have been treated as a huge and terrifying news story in and of itself, rather than just what is, hopefully, "The End."


bookworm said...

I just heard a report on American TV that there are ties to these terrorists and a terrorist responsible for bombings in Paris in 1995. An old terrorist meets young terrorists in prison and mentors them. Guess who the young terrorists are, or rather, who they were. May they find the final woman soon.

Sarah said...

It all came rather too close to home yesterday with the break-in in Montpellier. I'm horrified at the total death toll of 20!

Betty Carlson said...

Yikes, I hadn't even heard about this until I got your comment, although we had been listening to France Inter all evening and I had been consulting some different Internet sites. I guess it just slipped past me. I wonder what that was all about...These are scary times.

Susan said...

We are off to Paris in a couple of weeks and staying a block away from the Charlie Hebdo offices. That'll add a frisson to the week for sure! I'll be interested to see where we are at by then nationally. Perhaps the most troubling thing I read over the last few days was a report on the psychological profile of Amedy Coulibaly. It said things like 'no capacity for introspection'. I just don't know how one deals with people like this.

Sue Brady Ardington said...

I hope it is the end too. Sadly, these type of events can happen in any city anywhere.

Betty Carlson said...

Susan -- I'm going up to Paris for work next week. Perhaps we are going to be there at about the same time.

I'm not really giving it all a thought because after 9/11, I decided I could either become terrorism-obsessed and never go back to the USA again, or could just live. I chose the latter.