Sunday, May 09, 2010

One thing that is not looking up

The world from my window, May 8, 2010

So I took you a photo to show you how depressing and gloomy the weather is here, and it doesn't actually look that bad.

But it is.

Pluie. Pluvieux. Averses isolées. Nombreuses averses. Pluvieux. Bruine. Petites pluies.

I have to hand it to the CityVox Rodez weather site.

They have plenty of vocabulary to tell us that we're in for more of the same, because "Pluie" was for today and the next six descriptions tell us what's coming up.

Last weekend, I kind of enjoyed the unseasonal weather, thinking it was nice not to have to be out breaking my back in the much-neglected yard. This weekend I felt the same way -- on Saturday. It practically put a song in my heart to think I wouldn't have to yank out a week all weekend.

I also kept telling myself that I had seen the weather forecast for next weekend, which will be a 4-day one for me to boot, and that it would be gardening weekend. Indeed, a few days ago, la météo for le weekend de l'Ascension was looking pretty darn good.

Things change.

Oh, and did I tell you we had a snowstorm on Tuesday evening?


Betty said...

Meh! Gloomy here too. And cold. And snow in Scotland. Good grief - it's May!

Linda said...

Same here in Provence except for the snow. I even lit a fire in the fireplace to brighten up the place.

wcs said...

Really maussade right now. I'm hoping it will change soon; my tomato seedlings are going to want to go into the ground before long.

Passing by said...

Who says - the weather is warmer these days ... uh?

croquecamille said...

A snowstorm?! Wow. It's been unseasonably cold here in Paris, too, though more grisaille than pluie.

tut-tut said...

It's going to be 20 degrees F in western Massachusetts tonight!

Tinsie said...

Word has it that we're set to enjoy some "ice-cream weather" next week. Can't wait for this miracle to happen. This week I've had the heating on every day, it's depressing.